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Wizard Wear - Wizard Boots Merino Baby Socks in Brick


The Wizard Boots are sock style knee-high baby boots designed to stay on without irritating baby's sensitive skin.  

Designed and made in Canada by New mom, Mary Kastle, Wizard Boots are comprised of Merino Wool which has the ability to create a micro-climate around the wearer, maintaining a consistent temperature for them.  In winter, it will trap and circulate warm air, keeping the wearer warm and cozy. It also has the ability to absorb water away from skin and release it into the atmosphere during the warmer months. Wizard Boots have a lightweight non-slip suede sole, perfect for new walkers and can be worn as an extra layer in outerwear boots or alone, as a lightweight footwear option.

Pair with the matching Wizard Wear Hoodie to complete the look.

Care: Machine wash COLD. Hang to dry.

Fabric: Merino Wool Jersey (48% Merino wool, 48% polyester, 4% nylon), Suede (100% leather)